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Puppy and Doggy Day Care

Puppy Day Care

We all love puppies but we also know they can be a real handful. They fret when their owners are not around and can become bored very quickly.

The North Shore Dog Walker sees our puppy day care service as a sound way of keeping your puppy's mind and body stimulated as well as giving them necessary social skills. We take your puppy into the comfort of our home, giving them the care and attention they desire, while also having access to shade, water and plenty of comfortable places to rest.

When we have your puppy for a half or full day we play with them, take them on our walks, and allow for them to socialize with other dogs in a safe environment and ensure that they are well looked after. We can help with any basic obedience and toilet training and we will feed them as per your requirements with your food as supplied. Treats are of course included.

Doggy Day Care

Our Doggy Day Care package is basically the same as the puppy day care with the exception that we don’t normally need to do any basic obedience training with your dog. This is ideal for the owner who have to go away for the day or are recovering from an injury or sickness and can not spend the normal amount of time with their dog.

The North Shore Dog Walker knows the demands on loving dog owners.

To make a booking call Kev: 0412-405-881 or Jo: 0402-205-146 or by email: nichokev@gmail.com